No Excuses My journey and progress of regaining health while losing weight.


Started “running” again


So I stopped running/jogging or whatever you want to call it about 1.5 years ago. My last ever was a sprint triathlon in El Reno Oklahoma, I was proud of myself for doing the sprint triathlon but it must have killed me because I stopped running or swimming or working out all together. Well I decided that I would start signing up for a races and that would hopefully motivate me to start running again. So I started a Nike + coach training for a beginners 5K and went for it. I'm still in the training part of it on my 4th week actually but last weekend I decided to do my "first" 5K. So I did the Sand ridge Santa run for CASA this last weekend and I ran for one minute and walked for one minute all they way until the 3.1miles! It was great being at a race again. Hoping this is a good restart.
Ps. Thanks Ellisa and Aravind for your support!





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It’s a new dawn, It’s a new day, It’s a new life For me And I’m feeling good!!

Micheal Bubble did a great job at expressing my daily view on a healthier me! Lost 1.8 lbs today with WW!

Here's to a new me and doing good!!'


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my meals

so I'm proud of myself today... I had been struggling to stay motivated with weight watchers and not gain back what I had lost. I started to get back on track by hitting the gym, specifically running and swimming, but am still struggling a bit with eating what I want but eating healthy. Well today I did it I ate what I wanted (in better portions) and still stayed under my 28 weight watchers a day points. Loved my envueltos and my fideo for dinner with several fruits and other snacks in between. what do you all think?



5% of my weight lost!

So I have to say I'm very happy to have lost 10.4lbs since I started weight watchers and 15lbs since my heaviest weight. It hasn't been easy and there's been times that after I eat something I realize how bad/unhealthy it was. Regardless I've stuck with it and so far it's been good! I have to say that as another thing that I've decided to have no excuses and just do is to part of the OSU malasian 24 season drum troup (M24D). I've wanted to do it for so long and always found a reason not to but when I found out they needed people I decided to have no excuses and just do it! So whenever they have a presentation I can be a part of I am totally there!!! below is a look at what M24D is.



starting again

I started again! I've heard quotes like "it's not how many times you fall down, it's how many times you get back up" unknown

and by golly I have no excuse so I decided to get back up! started weight watchers and going to the gym more often! proud of myself! lost 6.6lbs already and I do have to say the best thing that's happened is that I eat more fruits and vegetables.

proud of myself

second day at gym!

second day at gym!



I did it!

20121003-225737.jpgI'm excited I'm thankful for my friends that share likes with me. I this case my friend Ellisa was a great supporter and what was even better this was our first triathlon for both of us. What comes next is the question... Well need to get back to actually keeping points on Weight Watchers!!!! I need to be able to say one day that I did it! When it comes to Weight Watchers and losing weight. Wish me luck or give me a inspirational quote/phrase.



Continuous Motivation


Motivation is hard to find but the funny thing is that it comes in a variety of ways.  From good words of advise to the way clothes fits or just something you may see on TV or somewhere on your day to day life.  So for me it comes in all the ways then some, I recently signed up for a sprint triathlon.  I'm excited though because of that I have begun to swim in the mornings.  Now i just need to get back on track to writing on this blog more often.  Try to have updates more often on my good progress.  PS.  lost some weight but more on that later...

How do you get motivated? or what do you do to keep on getting motivated?


My first 1/2 Marathon and I ran like a princess!

princess half marathon

So as much as I like running for fun or lets face it to get some form of exercise into the day, I don't, DO NOT, recommend doing a long distance run without training. But as many say ... you live and learn or as others may say you should practice what you preach! So several months ago I signed up for the Disney Princess 1/2 marathon in Walt Disney World figuring that once I signed up I would have to train and get back into the habit of running. Well that didn't happen! I can't say I know the true reason to why I didn't train but I think it was somewhere between my great big laziness and being intimidated by such a long distance. I had never run/jogged or even walgged (as a friend says) more than 5 miles in my life and here I was intending to RUN (really?), 13.1miles. So I figured I needed to motivate myself other ways to start running, I began by buying myself some cool new running shoes, that didn't work. Then I went on to getting a wonderful heart-rate monitor for my birthday and that didn't work either. Finally I upgraded my nano to see if that would do it and of course NADA (nothing). Inevitably, the closer I got to the day of the race the scarier it became. I even said ok well since I didn't run at all I'll train by at least walking 2miles a day the week before the event. Guess what? yup you got it I didn't walk either. So the day of the event came and here I was excited about going to Florida to see friends and participate in my 1st 1/2 marathon and at he same time scared of potentially running out of breath but what scared me the most is being caught by the bus that takes you out of the race for having such a slow pace, and consequently not getting a medal!

Well long story short I made it! in 3:35:31 and I am very thankfull to Aravind for being with me the whole way! he can run a 1/2 marathon in about an hour less than what I did but not only did he stick along for the ride, and kept me motivated but he even let me cross the finish line before him! NANRI!!! (THANK YOU!!!) not only am I glad for him being there but two great friends of mine who were also there to cheer from the sidelines and i'm glad they did. It is amazing how pumped up and motivated one gets with simple cheers of enthusiasm even when they are not even for you 😀 I have to say I vicariously enjoyed all those cheers! Anyways I crossed the finish line and it wasn't a good sight but I did it.

I want to know why i'm about to die and yet this lady next to me seems to be so cool and chill after 13.1 MILES!!!!!

So now crazy me has once again registered for another half marathon in September. Now that I know I can do it I will train more diligently. I have started to train but I need to follow my actual schedule. Anyone have any tips on staying motivated? may it be for running or anything else?


Juice Fasting half way done


A few months ago I watched a documentary called "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead" ( Its a documentary talking about the benefits of juice fasting, basically a way to reboot your body.  So after one of my good friends decided to go through with it my boyfriend followed in his footsteps several months later.  After my birthday week I decided to go through with it.  I figured I needed to detox, but don't get me wrong I wanted to see the benefits of weight-loss as well.  Up to two years ago I rarely got sick and since summer 2010, I have gotten sick every few months.  I am actually prolonging my birthday dinner celebration because once again I was sick this year.  I started the juice fast last tuesday and man was that day hard.  The first two juicies weren't bad but man oh man, the one for dinner was BAD!  So bad that after drinking a few sips I thought I was going to barf.  I decided to not drink it and go to bed.  After that though I have made better choices of what combinations of fruits and vegetables to combine and so far most of them have been pretty good.  Now I just finished my 6th day and it hasn't been as bad as I thought it would be.  I thought there would be some side effects to juicing, such as more frequent visits to the bathroom, but that hasn't really been the case.  I don't feel starved, which is good!  I do have to say the only thing is that watching TV makes it hard.  So many comercials about fast food or event watching the food network or travel channel is bad because of their food shows.  Its all good though, I've learned that I have more determination than what I would have when it comes to food.  Call it coincidence or nutrient overload but right after I began juice fasting, what I was sick of suddenly went away.  I have also lost about 8 lbs since I started.  So looking forward to be done on Thursday (four more days) but also looking forward to knowing that I'm overloading my body with fast absorbing nutrients!  So have you fasted before, if so how did you fast?  How long?  Any recommendations on how to stay strong?

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No excuses!

no excuses

So I've changed the name of the blog and just in time!  I say that because after getting many others opinions on what to call it and what to do and this and that I realized that some how I was using excuses to not start on my progress.  So that is it.  I know many times we start a diet and cheat or start a regimen and stop a day or two after.  The thing is getting back on board and continuing!  So here I am starting again and going forward with it.  I am excited my birthday just past and even though I was sick for the last few days and unfortunately didn't work out I'm ready to start!  I have to thank my boyfriend and friends for giving me things that help me on this task as birthday gifts I received a heart rate monitor and a under armour running shirt!  I have no excuse to start with my work out regimen.  My coworker has even asked me to join her on her different workout classes like zumba, boot camp and aquarobics and such.  I'm excited here I come!  No more excuses to change my life and take control.  So there is NO EXCUSE I need to JUST DO IT!