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No excuses!

no excuses

So I’ve changed the name of the blog and just in time!  I say that because after getting many others opinions on what to call it and what to do and this and that I realized that some how I was using excuses to not start on my progress.  So that is it.  I know many times we start a diet and cheat or start a regimen and stop a day or two after.  The thing is getting back on board and continuing!  So here I am starting again and going forward with it.  I am excited my birthday just past and even though I was sick for the last few days and unfortunately didn’t work out I’m ready to start!  I have to thank my boyfriend and friends for giving me things that help me on this task as birthday gifts I received a heart rate monitor and a under armour running shirt!  I have no excuse to start with my work out regimen.  My coworker has even asked me to join her on her different workout classes like zumba, boot camp and aquarobics and such.  I’m excited here I come!  No more excuses to change my life and take control.  So there is NO EXCUSE I need to JUST DO IT!

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