No Excuses My journey and progress of regaining health while losing weight.

About Me

I am a young Latina female short and loud.  I am 5’1″ (and proud) 32 years old, about to turn 33 in a week and very outgoing.  I am a positive, happy, active, adventurous woman, and like many people out there I unfortunately many times (if not always) have lacked self esteem.  I wasn’t always overweight, prior to junior high I was VERY slim, between junior-high and college I began to struggle with my self image.  I wasn’t skinny but I wasn’t fat either, I was a bit overweight but nothing extreme.

When I began grad-school I decided that I would no longer be on diet that I would actually enjoy life without worrying about my weight.  That’s when I gained most of my weight!  Over the next 7 years I gained more than 60 lbs, now my weight has unfortunately turned into a burden and hence my intention to get back in shape.  I have always heard that the older you get the harder it gets to lose weight, but I am determined to regain my health both physical and mental and so my journey begins!

not the most recent picture but this was taken August 2010

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  1. primaaa hermosa!! im so proud of you! you can do it!! me da mucho gusto que lo estes haciendo! y tambien se ocupa muchos eggs para hacerlo eres alguien que me inspira enserio! un besote y que Diosito te bendiga siempre!! y a hecharle muchas ganas hermosa!!!

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